Cure BV at Home with Natural Remedies

Like many women, you may be greatly bothered by the symptoms of bacterial vaginosis and find that antibiotic didn’t help much. Don’t worry, as you will soon find out that you may actually cure BV at home using natural remedies that are easily available.

There are several bacterial vaginosis home remedies that you can apply to help alleviate your BV symptoms effectively and rapidly, and also to restore your vaginal health. Using these natural remedies also helps to save you from the long-term cost burden of pharmaceutical treatment.

One of the main goals of the remedies is to reinstate the balance of a normal vaginal flora. When your vaginal flora is in a healthy state, you are more likely to get rid of bacterial vaginosis permanently.

Always bear in mind that natural remedies for bacterial vaginosis, or any diseases in fact, emphasizes on using natural ingredients, practicing good personal hygiene and living a healthy lifestyle.

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It is not complicated to try to cure BV at home at your own privacy and comfort. Most methods involve using items in the house. Let’s see what they are.


Yogurt contains live bacteria Lactobacillus acidophilus and Lactobacillus bifidus cultures. These two friendly bacteria, which are well known for promoting healthy digestive system, are also helpful in restoring the balance of good and harmful bacteria in the vagina. You can eat plain yogurt or used it as vaginal inserts in the form of tampons soaked in yogurt. You can also take acidophilus powder or capsules orally.

Diet and nutrition

* Avoid intake of sugar, refined carbohydrates, animal products and caffeine.

* Take vitamins, such as vitamin A, C, D and E, to help strengthen your body’s immunity and reduce the symptoms.

* Include more fresh fruits and vegetables (preferably organic) into your meals, and drink lots of fresh water.

* Take garlic supplement. Garlic is known to be one of the best bacterial vaginosis home remedies, as it has natural antiseptic properties and is able to tackle the infection at its root cause.

Lifestyle and activities

* Taking a warm bath can help to soothe irritated vagina. However, do not use soap as it strips away the skin’s natural oil that serves as your body’s natural barrier against bacteria. Instead, you can add a few drops of pure apple cider vinegar into your bath to help clam down the itching and inflammation.

* One of the home remedies for bacterial vaginosis is to use cold compresses. You can place a piece of cold washcloth over the genital area to relieve itching and swelling.

* Try herbal remedies, such as tea tree oil, golden seal and calendula creams. You can apply them on the vaginal surface to promote healing.

* Stop using perfumed feminine products and colored toilet paper.

* While frequent douching may be a risk factor for bacterial vaginosis, a vinegar douche, made by diluting vinegar in warm water, is an effective home remedy for bacterial vaginosis. Hydrogen peroxide douches have also been used to provide quick relief of BV symptoms.

* Abstain from sexual activities until the symptoms have cleared up.

* Wear cotton underwear to allow proper ventilation at the genital area.

Bacterial vaginosis home remedies offers a safe, convenient, cheap and effective alternative for symptom relief. If necessary, you could always discuss with your doctor before you try any of the natural treatment options.

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