Discover the Natural Ways to Cure BV

BVMiracleHave you been suffering from symptoms of BV that cause discomfort and inconvenience in your daily life? And all the antibiotic medication you took can’t seem to stop the nuisance for good? If that is the case, you might want to take a look into some natural ways to cure BV.

Bacterial vaginosis is a form of vaginitis (inflammation of the vagina) faced by many women today. Many women are not aware that they have the condition, because BV can be present without showing any symptoms.

Antibiotics treatment, pills taken orally or cream applied at the vaginal area, are available for the treatment of bacterial vaginosis. In general, they are effective in relieving the symptoms, but only for short term. More than half the women would get another episode of BV few months after the treatment. Some only had the chance to feel well for a couple of weeks before the nightmare begins again.

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That is why many women are now turning to bacterial vaginosis natural cures and homeopathic remedies. In the long run, treating bacterial vaginosis with natural cures is more tolerable, effective and long-lasting than taking antibiotic pills every time BV attacks. Natural methods are less expensive, too.

When we mention ‘natural cures’, obviously we are talking about treating BV using resources derived from the nature, as well as through appropriate nutrition intake and healthy lifestyle. You also need to understand that the only way to completely treat BV is to target its root cause.

Although BV is known as a type of vaginal infection, it is essentially a result of vagina flora imbalance, where the protective lactobacilli bacteria are outnumbered by other varieties of bacteria co-existing in the vagina. This causes the acidity of the vagina to increase, which makes the environment even more prohibitive for lactobacilli bacteria to thrive. So, one of the goals of BV treatment is to restore the vaginal flora balance and the naturally acidic environment.

It is difficult to reverse the disrupted vaginal flora balance if you take antibiotic for long term. Antibiotics do not discriminate; they kill the harmful bacteria AND the friendly lactobacilli. One of the bacterial vaginosis natural cures that will help in this sense is to eat live yogurt every day. Live yogurt contains live lactobacilli bacteria.

You can also apply live yogurt over the vulva (the area near the opening of the vagina) and inside the vagina. You can do this using a tampon with its applicator. First, push the tampon back into the applicator and leave some space for about a teaspoon of yogurt. Insert the tampon into the vagina as usual. This will push the yogurt into the top of the vagina. Remove the tampon about 1 hour later. Do it two times every day for 1 week. You will notice an improvement in your BV symptoms.

To restore the natural acidity of the vagina that will in turn encourage a return to the natural vagina flora balance, adding a few drops of pure apple cider vinegar into bath tub filled with warm water is very helpful. A warm bath like this is also effective in relieving vaginal itching and inflammation.

Other bacterial vaginosis natural cures include boosting your body’s immunity by taking vitamins and dietary supplements. When your immune system is strong, your body is more able to fight against the disease internally and recover on its own. You don’t have to rely on medications to relieve or hide the symptoms but not actually curing the disease.

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