Fishy vaginal odor in vaginosis

Foul fishy vaginal odor is a major concern for many women afflicted with bacterial vaginosis. The psychological and emotional impact of this symptom is so overwhelming. Many women who have BV are often brought to tears and fell into despair because of the awful, stinky vaginal smell.

It may be hard for a normal person to understand how devastated women with BV are. The vaginal odor can be such an embarrassment that it has kept women from doing things and going places they like.

Many women even chose to avoid sexual intimacy due to the fear that their sex partner will be offended by the foul odor. It can be a tough problem not only to the women, but to their partners as well. How long can your partner put up with you avoiding sex will all sorts of false excuses?

And while sharing an elevator with colleagues, or sitting in a friend’s car, you can’t help but wonder if they could sme


ll it and, worse still, know that the horrible odor is coming from you! You just want to hide yourself away from the rest of the world, and your level of self confidence has dropped to zero.

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If you didn’t already know by now, the fishy vaginal smell of BV is a result of anaerobic bacteria overgrowth and lack of the naturally occurring lactobacilli at the vaginal area. The anaerobic bacteria produce amine containing compounds which is the source of the fishy odor.

Get rid of the fishy vaginal odor, please!

So, the first thing you need to do if you want to get rid of the fishy vaginal odor is to see your doctor and have your bacterial vaginosis treated. When the medical condition is cured, the awful smell will disappear too. Of course, there are always natural means that you can apply to get rid of the smell.

In bacterial vaginosis, the number of the ‘good’ bacteria lactobacilli is significantly reduced and the pH of the vaginal surrounding is increased to more than 4.5. What you need to do is to encourage the growth of lactobacilli and normalize the acidity of the vagina.

So, first of all, you would want to avoid contact with chemical irritants (such as in douches and feminine hygiene products) or taking antibiotics (for no good reason) that may upset the growth of lactobacilli.

Also avoid sugar, milk and yeast from your diet. Take cider vinegar tablet after meal may also be helpful in eliminating fishy vaginal odor.

To keep the pH of your vagina slightly acidic, you can soak in a tub of water added with pure apple cider vinegar.

Traditional method, such as using a tampon covered with plain yogurt, has also been used to promote a friendlier vaginal atmosphere for the good bacteria to thrive. This method can be quite messy though. However, do not use this method if you are applying antibiotic vaginal cream because you do not want to interfere with the antibiotic action.

Besides these natural remedies, it is very important to practice good personal hygiene, such as keeping the genital area clean and dry at all times, avoiding wearing tight clothing and underwear made of synthetic materials, changing into dry clothing immediately after swimming, wiping from front to back after urinating or eliminating.

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