Get rid of vaginal odor


It is impossible to get rid of vaginal odor totally, because it is only natural for the vagina to smell a little bit. Even healthy vaginas have the typical odor, which usually does not bother you or your sex partner at all.

On some days, the vaginal odor may be slightly stronger than the normal days, such as during your menses and after your period, but can be reduced by keeping good hygiene of your genital area. Normal vaginal odor is a common but easily solved issue that every woman deals with throughout her life.

However, when your vaginal starts to smell strangely, then it can be an indication of a medical condition, most probably a vaginal infection, which can be either bacterial, yeast or sexually transmitted infection, or a combination of those.

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If your vaginal odor smells like some stinky stale fish, and you are experiencing symptoms like unusual vaginal discharge and vaginal itch, then you are likely to have the vaginal infection known as Bacterial vaginosis. Whenever you notice changes in your vaginal discharge and smell, it is important to see your doctor as soon as possible for proper diagnosis and treatment.

There are treatments and natural remedies to tackle the fishy vaginal odor of bacterial vaginosis. For ways to deal with fishy vaginal smell in BV, go to this page. In this article we’ll look at the things you can do to eliminate the normal, natural vagina odor in your everyday life.

While there may be feminine products such as spray and powder to help get rid of vaginal odor, using natural methods are always more favorable than using chemicals.

Basically, to get rid of vaginal odor starts with a good personal hygiene practice. For instance:

* Wipe your vagina after every visit to the toilet.

* Clean the vaginal area with plain soap and warm water after an intercourse. Avoid using scented soaps and cleansers that contain too many chemicals, e.g. moisturizers, scrubby particles. Chemicals found in those products may irritate the delicate vaginal surroundings.

Next, start wearing loose cotton underwear so that your genital parts can breathe well. Sorry to say that your g-strings, synthetic material thongs, lace teddies and any fancy, tight underwear and pants have to remain in the cupboard. It’s best not to use them ever if you want to maintain a healthy vagina.

Constricting and tight clothing can cause sweat to be trapped in the area, encouraging germs to grow and, thus, contributing to odor problem and beyond. Choose natural, white cotton panties as they absorb sweat and moisture better than other types of fabric or synthetic materials.

Some women have the habit of douching to keep the cleanliness of the vagina. While a vaginal douche can help to get rid of vaginal odor, it must be practiced with care. Inappropriate douching will cause harm to the vaginal wall, disrupt the pH balance of the vagina, eliminate ‘good’ vaginal bacteria and promote the growth of ‘bad’ germs. So, it is best to get your doctor’s advice if douching is suitable for you, and follow given instructions closely.

In conclusion, a good personal hygiene is the best way of getting rid of vaginal odor. A healthy lifestyle can help you stay away from this problem, too.

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